E4 Sorority Girl Claudia Wright: “I changed absolutely nothing about myself for the show.”


Sheffield Hallam student Claudia Wright reveals how she became the viewer’s favourite despite not reaching the final.


Claudia’s first appearance on TV caused a stir when she turned up in these shorts Source: http://www.e4.com

Becoming a member of an all-girl, outfit-matching, chant-hatching, ‘sister-hood’ has been the rage in the US for decades. E4 followed five American sorority girls as they attempted to set up their own sorority over the course of eight weeks in the UK.

Their aim: to find, polish and – in Claudia’s case – scrutinize appearances. To mould five girls into the perfect members of the first UK Sorority, named Sigma Gamma.

Fame-hungry and eager to appear on television, Claudia applied for the show without telling her friends and family. “It seemed right up my street, I knew I could be someone they were looking for,” she said.


The five American Sorority girls Source: http://www.channel4.com

When describing herself as “dramatic, confident and attention-seeking,” journalism student, Claudia, felt that she stood out from the rest of the contestants right from the word go.

“The producers latched on to me, I knew they liked me. The other girls seemed so boring when I compared myself to them.”

When successfully making the show, it instantly became apparent Claudia was getting the most air-time. She was opinionated, out-spoken and gradually became the viewer’s favourite from the responses she got on social media fan sites.

But Claudia reveals she didn’t need a second self to compete with the 20 rival contestants. She caught the viewer’s attention for her revealing outfit on her first appearance. The American girls described her as ‘slutty’, but Claudia knew exactly what she had to do in order to make her debut TV appearance.

“I obviously only wore high heels and short shorts to stand out and get chosen! After all, I had the chance to win five grand!”

“The Sororities basically wanted someone like Kate Middleton: timid, charitable and someone who doesn’t wear much makeup” Claudia said. She admits she changed absolutely nothing about herself  when coming away from the show. “In fact, when watching the show back, I thought my face looked disgusting so if anything I put even more make-up on!” She said.

claudai fb
Claudia became a local celebrity overnight. She had fans of the program asking for photos of her, people stopping to ask about her time on the show, and twitter messages asking for beauty advice such as ‘Am I tanned enough’ and ‘How can I look like you?’

“It was ridiculous the amount of attention I got. I really wanted it to last, but I knew it wouldn’t. I just embraced it for a few months and loved every minute of it.

“I’ve ‘favourited’ all the good comments I got on Twitter so if I’m having a bad day, I can go back and read them.”

Claudia did not disappoint in her exit of the show. She stormed out, ripped her microphone off and refused to carry on filming in true Claudia style. It infuriated her when she was accused of having ‘explicit’ photos on her Facebook page.

“The photo story was a load of rubbish. I have my brothers on Facebook so would never have wanted them to see anything like that. I had a row with the producer and that’s the real reason why I got kicked off.”

Although Claudia doesn’t get noticed as much anymore, and is trying to complete her degree she is currently dating a footballer and weighing up the pros and cons of whether she should accept the invitation of appearing on the next series of Channel 5’s Big Brother.


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